A man who was recently diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, has called for increased research into the disease, stating that whilst progress has been made with research into other types of cancer no enough is being done about this particular form of cancer, which is linked to exposure to asbestos dust and fibers.

Sixty seven year old George Winterton was first told that he had hay fever when he went to see his doctor with a variety of symptoms, including shortness of breath. However, he learned some months later that he in fact had the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma.

Winterton, who is trying to remain positive for the birth of his seventh grandchild, stated: “Mesothelioma needs its own funding and research. It should not be lumped in with other cancers. Scientists have made wonderful strides with breast and prostate cancer and I believe mesothelioma needs the same level of attention.”

One official from a mesothelioma research group also mirrored his concerns, stating: “Without research, we will never get anywhere. We have got a moral obligation to do something centrally through Government. These people were building our nation when they were exposed and to abandon them would be a crime.”

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