Merry Christmas to everyone!

Fear not, because many times in history times have looked grim. Many times in the history of this nation we faced enemies who appeared unbeatable or who we, as a nation, were convinced were unbeatable. Many times in the history of this nation we faced an issue that appeared to have divided us so that we could never again unite. But the American spirit of freedom is strong. We will prevail. And although we know that at times we must do things we’d rather not, like fight wars, we celebrate Christmas because it represents our core values of peace, and giving, and concern for our fellow man.

This nation was born in the face of a ruler and under the thumb of another country that at the time was beyond measure more mighty than its colonies. But we fought, and we prevailed.

We faced a wilderness full of hardships, bad weather, wild animals, starvation, back breaking labor, and even more unknown dangers. But we tamed it.

We faced civil war over the issues of states’ rights and slavery. Brother fought brother. But after the civil war we mended fences and became whole.

The White House once burned at the hands of enemies. We overcame them.

A murderous mad man drove his machinery of death across Europe, and a god Emperor delivered us a near fatal sneak attack blow. We defeated them. Then we rebuilt them to create peaceful neighbors and even friendly nations.

We faced communism when it threatened the world, beat us in a major war, and reached its tentacles into the heart of our nation and government. But even when voices within our nation rose up to tell us we couldn’t win, we won.

Now we face terrorism, the major weapon of religious fanatics and tyrants who want our entire culture wiped off the face of the earth. We face attacks against our culture in our own nation, sometimes by some of our own leaders who assure us our enemies are better, that we are in the wrong, that we are barbarians, that we fight because we’re bloodthirsty, that we cannot win, and even worse that we shouldn’t win.

In November we were told the people of America are tired of a war which has not taxed them.

Those who want to fight this war are not bloodthirsty. If they are then fathers and mothers who punish their children relish in dominating their children rather than recognize that sometimes discipline is needed. Sometimes we as responsible adults have to do things we’d rather not do.

But our core values remain the same, just as those parents love their children even as they administer punishment. Christmas represents our core values. Yes, the same Christmas some people want to take away from us so they can change our core values and our culture.

But as long as we relish what Christmas represents, peace on Earth and good will to men, we can prevail when faced with conflict, so that we can live by those concepts.

Merry Christmas.

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