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The MV Mermaid I, one of the finest liveaboards operating in Thailand and Burma has just released news that is is running ‘Once In A Lifetime’ trips to the remote and pristine Andaman islands. The Andaman islands are practically the last frontier in diving. You can experience the pioneer feeling as the boat glides through remote crystal waters without another soul in sight. Enjoy the ‘fish soup’ that are the Andaman island dive sites as well as incredible volcanic sites, underwater hot springs, walls and even exploratory dives – you could discover and amazing dive site for the first time!

The Andaman Islands are part of India, although are actually closer to Thailand. These remote islands are barely open to tourism and very few dive boats have ventured this way. The reefs are healthy and hardly touched by fishing, the waters are said to be like fish soup, and there are incredible underwater hot springs to be discovered. This is the chance of a lifetime

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