Considerate host that she is, and not to be outdone by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s nuclear slip of the lip in Berlin yesterday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel quickly diffused the situation for him by saying that “Iran must never get the atom bomb”, and then; “not unless somebody like America, France, Israel or Russia gives it to them… know what I’m sayin’?”

Many German opposition politicians were shocked by Merkel’s comment as this was the fist time that anybody could remember Germany ever suggesting a nuclear attack upon Iran. “That Germany has finally agreed to take a tough stand on Iran is one thing,” said one German parliamentarian, “But we were kind of hoping to start off with sanctions or something like that first. I really think she went over the edge a little here.”

German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier could not be reached for comment as he had just passed out.

Merkel’s office said the quote was taken out of context and that she had only been listing “responsible nations” with lots of nuclear weapons to give, not nuclear states per se. Aides also noted that the Chancellor had refused several times to confirm that she had meant the nuclear annihilation of Iran and that she had made her comments in broken Hebrew, not her native language.

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