After six months of basking in the international limelight by skillfully finding consensus on major issues as EU president, and ruthlessly haven done so by taking advantage of the fact that she is a girl, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now clearly disappointed at the prospect of only being allowed to run “stupid old Germany” again.

After reluctantly having handed over the EU presidency to Portugal this weekend (they say they had to rip the EU crown and scepter thingy or whatever it is out of her surprisingly powerful little mitts), Merkel apparently broke down into tears and locked herself in her room in front of the TV where she went on an extended chocolate eating binge.

Merkel’s critics at home believe that she has been far too removed from the daily lives of those common men on the street guys (and women) during her reign as “Miss World” these past six months and now demand that she come back down to earth and start addressing the real important stuff like taxes, budgets, health care, yawn, tell me when to stop.

“We’re sick and tired of her continual traveling around the Weltgeschichte (world) talking about these endless and tedious European/World issues,” said one opposition politician about the ex-monarch. “It’s time for her to start addressing our many endless and tedious internal issues instead.”

“I’ll be back in the office tomorrow,” she is quoted to have told reporters on Sunday evening. “Honest, I promise. And whoopee, I can hardly wait, too. Yeah, I’ll be back in that stupid boring office of mine tomorrow to run stupid old Germany again. But I’m going to have one more box of chocolate first.”

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