German Chancellor Angela Merkel has officially congratulated French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy on his resounding victory in yesterday’s presidential runoff election and has expressed her hope that he will continue to help strengthen the “French-German axis” at the heart of the European Union. She has also unofficially expressed her hope that Sarkozy won’t schmooze around on her quite as much as the outgoing out-going French President Jacques Chirac always did.

Warmly congratulating her fellow conservative politician, Merkel once again described how she sees the partnership between France and Germany as the true “motor” behind the EU and how essential it is that these two countries can continue to bring Europe forward in a constructive and professional manner, despite their formidable differences in the past and the occasional hand kiss or two.

Merkel later went on to say that she was looking forward to meeting Sarkozy in the near future “for a first exchange of views,” but that “if we could keep the exchange of DNA to a minimum, that would like really make my day for once.”

Merkel also recently praised Chirac during a farewell visit he paid to Berlin, thanking him and reminding those present that “the German-French friendship will continue to be the basis to secure lasting peace, democracy and prosperity in Europe,” closing with the worlds “Long live the friendship between Germany and France!”  Later though, while Chirac was using the bathroom, she asked his aide: “But our two countries can still be friends if we just shake hands in the future, right?”

Bussi à la française, madame?

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