Two Maintenance Workers Steal a Golf Club Member’s Pet Dog While He’s Golfing

They Take the Dog to a Third Worker’s House and Butcher and Eat it

Now Indicted, They Face Up to Five Years in a Hawaiian Prison

Do they Believe in Karma? 

Think of Hawaii and you think of sunshine, beaches and bikinis.

However, word comes today of a particularly gruesome crime, especially if you are a pet owner.

Two former Moanalua Golf Club employees were charged on theft charges of a member’s pet dog.

They were indicted for butchering and eating the pet.

Saturnino Palting, 58, and Nelson Domingo, 43, both of Kalihi, were indicted by an Oahu grand jury on charges of second-degree theft and first-degree cruelty to animals. Both crimes are class C felonies punishable by up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Circuit Judge Steven Alm issued $20,000 bench warrants for the defendants.

The pet’s owner was relieved upon hearing that the two had been indicted.

“That’s great news,” said Frank Manuma, the dog’s owner, “We’re delighted that it’s moving forward.”

His dog Caddy was an 8-month-old German shepherd-Labrador mix.

Manuma took Caddy with him to Moanalua Golf Club on Dec. 16 and had permission to leave his pet at an equipment shack near the clubhouse while he golfed. When he went to retrieve Caddy after he finished golfing, Caddy and the leash used to keep him at the shack were gone.

What was the reason for the dog’s death and the particular way they killed it?

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Men Steal, Kill, Butcher and Eat Pet Dog 


Men Steal, Kill, Butcher and Eat Pet Dog

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