Behold ladies, some men carry with them the obsession with shoes. These men feel the same frustration a woman often expresses when he sees somebody wearing an identical pair of shoes. If such a travesty should occur, men succumb to the retailers’ solution: “Buy a different pair.”

Krabby Rangoon is happy to oblige. Mr. Rangoon is a “sneaker pimp” and proud owner of a rare pair of gray, low-top Nike Dunks designed by a New York graffiti artist known simply as Stash. Only forty pairs of these shoes were produced. The price Mr. Rangoon paid for this rarity…a mere $3,300. Krabby Rangoon spends $600 a month on his hobby that can only be explained as an addiction. Shoe manufacturers are catering to these addicts by joining with street artists to produce limited edition shoes, often termed “kicks,” or “jumpers.” Some of these off the wall designs can be found in magazines such as Sneaker Freaker or Sole Collector. But the best place to seek out the rarities is none other than Ebay.

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