I grew up in the UK, gambling is in our blood. There are ‘Betting Shops’ everywhere. Mostly the gambling is on horse and greyhound racing, but pretty much anything is fair game, the sex of the next royal baby, the chances of being visited by aliens.

As a pre teen I have vivid memories of Saturday mornings, is was the one part of the week my father was not working. Instead you would find him sat at the kitchen table studying the sports pages of the Daily Mirror. The data within these pages showed the days racing card, the races, the horses in them, and their record. From this valuable resource my father would make his picks and then head off to the betting shop to place his bets.

With his bets laid down, he would return home to stay glued to the TV to watch the races he had bet on. This was in a time long before the internet. My father always seemed to be successful, and around 5pm would head back to the betting shop to pick up his spoils.

I think I was 18 or 20 when I got the smart idea that maybe I had inherited my fathers ‘Luck Gene’, it took only 2 Saturdays to discover that the luck gene had not been passed on.

After that episode the only Horse Race I bet on was the Grand National, this was (and indeed is) a brutal race, some years becoming a blood bath.

As I said, my fathers interest in horse racing pre dates the Internet, he passed away in 1995, he was a ‘Saturday’ only gambler of small stakes, so Ladbrokes did not even send flowers. If he were still alive I wonder what he would have thought of learn more about lucky 15 bets

Sometimes I wonder if I should have paid more attention to my father and his Daily Mail

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