Meghan is a force to be reckoned with.  She is not the bimbo/valley girl that many on our side portray her and neither should they ignore this – Progressive Powerhouse.    So what am I saying?  That conservatives should sit down with her and seek to find common ground?    NO!!  Meghan McCain represents a new progressive wing of the Republican Party that has gone on the offensive against Conservatism. Extreme/Radical Moderates, they are.  In that sense Meghan and her sort are just as much a foe as are liberal democrats.   And they should be considered as such.  She and her ilk have chosen this confrontational path.   These intemperate and immoderate moderates started this fight and it is up to Movement Conservatives to get up out of their whimpering fetal position, stop sucking their thumbs, turn and confront.  Start pushing back!    If they fail to stand and fight, this Conservative Movement that Ronald Reagan and others so lovingly constructed, brick by brick, could certainly (and soon) become nothing more than a footnote in some future history book.  What was once a “shining city on a hill” will appear only as distant ruins to wayfarers passing by.   Meghan McCain is, no doubt, emerging as the unabashed leader of this Movement of Radical Moderates and she doesn’t try to hide or mask her objectives:  1) separate the Republican Party from the Conservative Movement,  2) push the conservatives out  and/or  diminish their influence.    And she is succeeding to date.  For that she deserves credit and respect.  Respect for her intellect that is.  Not her views.   For instance, in her recent address to the Log Cabin Republicans, she does correctly point out that the GOP and Conservatives are sitting around, “waiting for the other side to be perceived as worse than us”.   And that is absolutely true. The Movement Conservatives have become completely distracted.   Refusing to consider getting their own dysfunctional house in order but instead continuously harping and pointing their finger at the flawed, Constitution-hating democrats.  They keep telling us what we already know rather than making an effort to fix our own problems.  Of which they are in deep denial about.  And many problems they do have, but honestly they are not insurmountable.  However, their stubborn arrogance won’t allow them to even recognize that they have a problem.  So they’ve become as a dog chasing its tail.   And Meghan, like most everyone else, can see this joke of a “GOP three ring circus”.  It doesn’t take some political genius.   She sees it!  Many of us see it.  And to her credit she at least has the courage to try to offer up, with an element of passion, some Progressive solutions.  She’s a progressive what else do you expect her to do??  Just so happens that her solutions (and those of others in her camp)  would finish the GOP for good.  These “youthful” moderates may dominate the right Blogeshpere.  They may be able to set up a Facebook page.  They certainly know how to Twitter deep into the wee hours of the night.  But, if left unchecked, they’ll finish the demolition job that John McCain started in 2008.   If Conservatives don’t “gently & lovingly” smack them down, these misguided progressives will drive away millions more of  the 59.9 million that voted GOP on 11/4/08 and ruin any chance we might have of taking back one of the legislative houses on 11/2/10.  Of which, for the sake of our Nation, we desperately need to do.    So, who are these “Old School Republicans”  that Meghan proclaimed as “Scared S**tless”?  They used to be called Reagan Democrats.   Now they are the 59.9 million Civic Conservatives   who held their nose and  pulled the GOP lever on 11/4/08.  Surely not voting “for” her progressive Dad but rather voting “against” the socialist Barrack Obama. And lets not forget about the 10-20 million who opted to “Stay at Home” rather than compromise their principles.   Meghan is correct about one thing, however.  They are scared.  But not for themselves because, you see, they’ve made their pot of gold!   They are scared for the future of Meghan and her fellow Gen Y’ers  because of the destructive course these youngsters have set our Nation upon.  Installing at the highest level of our government one who will punish achievers/producers, take the wealth they’ve earned and give it to the non-producers of  not only our society but throughout the world.   And one who will incrementally push our Constitution aside and replace it with the charter of some world governing body.   Meghan says we Old School’ers want to, “cling to past successes”.  Here’s where she show’s her serious lack of maturity.  Certainly it makes perfect sense to “cling” to traditions and values that have worked for millennia.  Truth transcends the generations but these Gen Y’ers, in their arrogance, believe that they have evolved to some higher plane of consciousness and have gained some unique higher knowledge.   Hence, they’ve concluded, that these traditions/values that have served mankind well over the centuries, no longer apply to them.  They, of course, are tragically wrong and will pay a heavy and painful high price.  If this mentality begins to control the Republican Party, to put it simply, Old School Republicans will flee the party by the millions.   And they will not be replaced by some hyped-up, puffed-up, overrated youth vote.    These radical moderates are loose cannons on a rolling deck, encouraged and coached by an exultant MSM.  Certainly they have moderate views but what makes them extreme is this; they are absolutely enthralled with what comes out of their own mouth.   “Hooked” and enticed by the attention they receive from the media.  They’re in awe of their opinions and see themselves as messianic.  Viewing themselves as some great leader holding the torch and pointing the way for the huddled masses.  And they’re dangerous because, in essence, they are so very wrong-headed.   Next to the road they’re telling us we should travel upon there’s a tattered sign that reads “Bridge Out Ahead”.  Yet they continue pointing the way and, as a result, many mindless followers within the lazy GOP Hierarchy convince themselves that this is the correct path-of-least-resistance to take.  Hence the momentum builds for this Movement, in its infancy, of Radical Moderates.  I have feared for a long time that the vacuum caused by the total void of leadership within the GOP would eventually suck in something impure.  Meghan’s Moderates seem to be that void filling contamination.  Those on the right, such as Laura Ingraham, who believe the best way to deal with a force like Meghan McCain is to make fun of her dress size….well they have blundered seriously.   Meghan has brilliantly turned it around on them resulting in Ingraham and other conservative talkers drawing back a bloody stump, in shock.  They’ve been made to look small as Meghan swings her substantial mallet and drives the divisive wedge still deeper between Conservatives and the Republican Party.   Those who oppose Meghan McCain had best learn do so strictly on an intellectual level and cease with the childish name calling.    Darvin Dowdy                                      

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