Hoaxer Claims Authorship of ‘Megan Had it Coming’ Blog

Is This One More Hoax? 

MySpace Suicide Takes Another Twist 

Let the speculation begin.

Parts have the ring of authenticity, others make one shake their head at the thinking process.
Neighbors, in numerous reports, have stated about the fact there has been no remorse from the family that hoaxed Megan Meier.  Now, if this last blog post is true, it’s more evidence of that fact.

Was the notorious author “Kristen”, Lori Drew?  Here’s the story.

The reader can decide.

I’m Lori Drew

It’s time I dropped the charade. Yes, I made this blog. Yes, I’m Lori Drew. [1]
(A very chilling note posted today on the “Megan Had It Coming” Blog. Read the rest of the post below, the author claims to be Lori Drew, the woman at the center of the Megan Meier story)

My daughter had nothing to do with this. Everyone needs to leave her alone. None of you can possibly know her involvement, and none of you can possibly know what she’s gone through. She’s just a kid. She doesn’t deserve these brutal verbal attacks. Please stop.

Now that Mr. Banas has made public the announcement that there will be no charges filed against me or my family, I feel it is time to speak out about this tragic affair. I cannot count on any media organization to fairly represent my story, as they have grossly misrepresented and sensationalized the story so far. So, I must present my case here, on the blog that has been my only outlet.

You don’t understand what the last two years have been like, living in this town, dealing with these people. When we came here, the Meiers seemed like a great family with whom we could form a friendship. Tina sold us our house and our little girls became fast friends. It was typical. Sleepovers and vacations and events in the community. The girls were inseparable.

We knew Megan and we liked having her around, at first. But as the months went on, we saw a change in our daughter. She was increasingly disturbed and defensive. We thought the effects of puberty were taking hold. But, we soon realized the negative influence was Megan. Megan had her bright and perky side, but she also had her dark side. We knew that she suffered from depression, so we tried to be supportive and patient. We talked to Ron and Tina about our concerns, but they would have none of it. Their precious Megan couldn’t be the problem — and they said we should feel bad for even suggesting it of a poor, mentally ill child.

Read rest of story:

Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Lori Drew Author of ‘Megan Had it Coming’ Blog?


Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Lori Drew Author of ‘Megan Had it Coming’ Blog?

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