Lori Drew has denied any involvement in Megan Meier’s death. Her former employee, Ashley Grill told a LA Grand Jury a different story. 


Federal prosecutors in California questioned Ashley Grill, an employee of the woman who allegedly was behind a cruel hoax which led to the suicide of 13-year-old Megan Meier.

Grill was questioned in front of a Los Angeles Grand Jury about her involvement in the hoax while she was an employee of Lori Drew, whose daughter had previously attended school with Meier.

Grill, who seventeen at the time Megan Meier committed suicide by hanging herself in October of 2006, testified that she did not act alone in setting up the fake MySpace account used to pull the tragic prank.

Grill’s testimony could begin to break down the wall of innocence maintained by Lori Drew–who has remained silent since Meier’s death–through her attorneys.

Grills, who attempted to take her own life after Megan ended hers, stated that while she was responsible for setting up the profile of the fake 16-year-old boy named “Josh Evans”, that Lori Drew and her daughter were also involved in the cruel online hoax.

MySpace Suicide: The Story

Megan and her family lived just a few doors down from the Drews in a quiet suburb of St. Louis where the two girls were friends since elementary school. When the girls reached the 7th grade the relationship had become on-again, off-again, with Megan transitioning to a new school. Megan had asked her parents if she could open a MySpace account, after all, all the other kids were doing it too. Megan’s parents agreed but counseled their daughter to be careful, to be wary of the people she met online. Megan met a boy on MySpace who said his name was Josh Evans, he was 16 and he lived in her area.

Megan’s parents warned her to be careful but the online relationship with Josh seemed harmless and made Megan happy. Megan, like many girls her age, was insecure and unable to see her own unique qualities that made her special. After a period of about six weeks the relationship with Josh took a sharp turn with Josh telling Megan that “she was mean to her friends”.

On October 16th, Megan went to school with invitations to her upcoming 14th birthday party. She had picked out a new dress and when she returned home from school she asked her mother to log onto the computer so Megan could see if Josh had posted any new messages to her. Megan wanted to know why Josh had been “so mean” to her.

Tina logged on but had to leave to take her other daughter to an appointment. Before she left she could see that Megan was still upset, evidently Josh’s newest messages troubled Megan. Tina, in a hurry to get to the orthodontist’s appointment told Megan to sign off.

“I will Mom,” Megan told her. “Let me finish up.”

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Source: Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Prosecutors Question Drew’s Employee

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