Megan Meier’s MySpace Suicide: Reaction Was Outrage

We first wrote about Megan last Monday. The reactions to the story were those of disgust, horror, anger, and outrage.

Outrage over the death of Megan Meiers, a girl targeted by vicious adults. Outrage at the perpetrators of the hoax. Outrage that no charges have been filed.

Lastly, outrage at the paper who broke the story, the Suburban Journals’ decision to not identify the hoaxers. The names of the “alleged” hoaxers have been outed by bloggers.MySpace Cruel Prank Leads To Teen’s Suicide

A cruel and unbelievably vicious prank perpetrated upon a young girl has stripped away the Leave To Beaver veneer of a suburban St. Louis neighborhood. A fourteen year old girl is dead by her own hand, her parents shattered and in disbelief. There will never be justice for their precious daughter.

Fourteen years old, Megan was a victim of a cruel hoax on MySpace. The end result of the hoax, Megan is dead by her own hand, the hoaxer exposed as parents of a former friend of Megan’s. The story was published on November 13 by the St. Charles Journal in Missouri. The paper made the decision not to publish the names of the hoaxers. Their excuse, because the hoaxers had a child of their own and the fact that they had not been charged with any crime.

Source – MySpace Cruel Prank Leads To Teen’s Suicide

The Suburban Journals have decided not to name the family out of consideration for their teenage daughter.

The original story provided enough clues to the identity of the hoaxers, the fact that the parents of Megan had unknowingly stored a foosball table that belonged to the hoaxers in their garage…

The day after Megan’s death, they went down the street to comfort the family of the girl who had once been Megan’s friend. They let the girl and her family know that although she and Megan had their ups and down, Megan valued her friendship.
They also attended the girl’s birthday party, although Ron had to leave when it came time to sing “Happy Birthday.” The Meiers went to the father’s 50th birthday celebration. In addition, the Meiers stored a foosball table of the hoaxers in their garage..

The paper went on to describe how six weeks after Megan’s sad death her parents were informed that their precious daughter was the victim of a cruel hoax on MySpace. The perpetrators were the very same people, the parents of Megan’s one time friend, who after Megan’s death, had asked Megan’s parents if they could store their foosball table in Megan’s parent’s garage.

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Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Cruel Hoaxers Outed, Let The Lesser Outrage Begin


Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Cruel Hoaxers Outed, Let The Lesser Outrage Begin

MySpace Cruel Prank Leads To Teen’s Suicide

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