More Evidence of Internet’s Dark Side

Blogger Calls Dead Girl “Slut”

Anonymous Blogger Brags She “Covered Her Tracks Well”

A Sick Afterthought to a Sad Case

“You guys are totally wrong about Megan. I’m sick of all the news putting the blame on the lady. I knew Megan and what really went on you can read about it here:

The above comment appeared suddenly on our story “Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Cruel Hoaxers Outed, Let the Lesser Outrage Begin“. Because DBKP has been covering this sad story from the moment it appeared, we supposed, the commentator felt compelled to let us know her feelings.

The comment was left by a poster named “Kristen” and led us to a blog by the sick name of “Megan Had It Coming“.

We checked out the blog and found one post on it. That post, in its entirety follows. At the end of it, “Kristen” brags that no one will be able to track her down.
Sunday, November 18, 2007
Set the record straight

I want to set the record straight about Megan Meier. I’m calling myself Kristen because if i don’t want to give out my real name.

Megan and I were sort of friends. I always saw her at school and sometimes on myspace when her mom would let her on. I need to talk about what she was like because everyone has this picture of this innocent girl who had this horrible thing done to her. That’s sorta true but not totally.

Megan was a total drama queen. Yeah i know it was depression or whatever but it was hard to be her friend for very long because she would always lose it and turn into a psycho. That’s why the daughter stopped being friends with Megan. Let’s call her laura. Every other day Megan would have some crisis and you could see her freaking out down the hall or screaming at someone for stabbing her in the back or not listening to her or whatever then she would go cry to Laura unless it was her pissing her off. You couldn’t say anything to megan without her taking it the wrong way.Read the rest of the story:

Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Blogger Says “Megan Had It Coming”


Megan Meier MySpace Suicide: Blogger Says “Megan Had It Coming”

and those quoted above.

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