St. Louis Post-Dispatch Looks at ‘Internet Fury’

Bloggers Fuel the Fury

A Closer Look
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has fingered a culprit in the Megan Meier story.

And the guilty parties are–surprise!–bloggers.

The traditional press, ever mindful of mouthing ethics that fall far short of what they actually practice, is again pointing a finger at their Internet brethren.

Joel Currier, the P-D writer seems upset that readers, upon reading Megan’s story, became upset. The Post-Dispatch can hardly direct their ire at readers, having lost over 10,000 of them over the last year, so bloggers are not only handy, but also a logical target.[1]

Besides, bloggers most likely don’t read the Post-Dispatch anyway.

Why’s Joel so upset? We’ll let him explain.

Rage against Curt and Lori Drew of Dardenne Prairie continues to explode on the Internet — targeting the couple and people who did business with them.

Bloggers want justice for Megan Meier, 13, and vengeance against the Drews, whom they blame for Megan’s suicide last year.

Dozens of names and phone numbers of businesses that advertised in Lori Drew’s coupon book have been posted online with demands to boycott their establishments.

Many of the companies have canceled their advertising contracts with Drew and received letters saying Drew is folding her coupon business.[2]

So: there are people upset with the Drews. This is unpardonable. Joel quotes a few of the merchants, who are upset at being contacted by people learning of their association with Drew’s Ad Vantage advertising company.

He then moves on to Drew’s lawyer to support his thesis. The reporter in Mr. Currier surely knows that someone’s attorney may not be the final word in objectivity.

Doesn’t he?
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Megan Meier, Lori Drew: St. L P-D Believes Bloggers Are Real Culprits


Megan Meier, Lori Drew: St. L P-D Believes Bloggers Are Real Culprits

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