One of the jobs in keeping interesting is seek out new writers, new faces to  add insightful and thought provoking articles. I recently received an email from a gentleman who was interested in  lending his talents to the cause. All I knew about him was that he was looking to get a little exposure to his website

I always ask new writers to provide a sample article, as BNN does not live in any particular pigeon hole,  subject is pretty much irrelevant, the test is more about can the person use the English language and write articles that other people would like to read.

I did check and it actually is an interesting and informative site about keeping fish, a hobby that is shared by many people. For several years I had a good sized tank and kept Koi. Watching fish is a very soothing pastime.

The sample article from Derek Melchin & Kyle Vasas was not quite what I expected, but it certainly was entertaining. Apparently the business partners from Lethbridge, Alberta have more than one interest. Landoffish is most certainly a very serious web site, their YouTube channel however is a very different thing.

Nothing beats a good game of beer pong and that was one of the finest ever. I am also pretty certain that the ‘beer’ and I use that term loosely was the 11% brain cell killing AXE HEAD. For a dare I downed two 40 ouncers one Sunday morning, it is not what I would call a breakfast beer!!!

Yup Derek Melchin & Kyle Vasas are most welcome as writers for BNN.

Simon Barrett

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