I have a friend named Bruce Bateman, Off and on we have talked for 20 years. We met in Phoenix, AZ, I won’t discuss the circumstances, we were thrown together in a most unlikely way, That is a story for another time.

Bruce decided he was fed up with Cooking Steaks on the sidewalk in summer, and frying eggs on the hood of a car. Yes you can do both! I took off to Canada and Bruce relocated to the North Mariana Islands. Sure most people have never heard of them. Here is a map:

A couple of days ago he asked me if I had heard about Super Typhoon Yutu. I am a news junkie but admitted that I knew nothing about Yutu. For those of you unsure about Typhoons they are the same as a Hurricane, just located far far away. Yutu, or as I like to call it ‘YouToo’ was a Cat 5 event that hit the North Marianas like a sledgehammer cracking a walnut.

The North Mariana Islands are a US territory, it was where the US  launched the planes that dropped the a-bombs that decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Bruce and I were chatting in real time.

BB: Typhoon Yutu about to smack Tinian and Saipan. We are the pink color blob just in front and just higher than the eye. That eye is about 30 miles across. Category 5 typhoon. 200mph gusts.

SB: Bruce I was just about to contact you. Are you somewhere safe?

BB: As safe as can be expected….our house is concrete, but in this kind of super storm anything can happen. It is noisy right now. Hope we don’t look like Mexico Beach after this passes.

SB: I am sure you will lose power, please try and let me know that you are OK

BB: Power went out hours ago. I’m on cell phone with LTE service…..so far. Don’t know how much longer. I’ll stay in touch if I can.

SB: So I take it the shit is hitting the fan right now, what is the estimate for it to clear your area

BB: We’ll still be feeling it this time tomorrow…..but not at this incredible level. Things are flying thru the air now. Very powerful. Eye passing south of us now. Hope we miss the eye wall.

SB:As I said, please let me know that you are all OK and if there are people I should pass messages on to.

Bruce and his family are fine… but…

BB: Looks pretty grim out there. The jungle is bare sticks. The pic used to be my metal clad storage shed. Still blowing over 100

You can start by saying the power is out island wide and will likely be so for 3 or 4 months. 100s of power poles on the ground.

Cargo Building At the Airport

Passenger Jetway At The Airport


Tinian Island

Why isn’t the media covering this?

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