My wife is convinced that I am a magnet to strange people. I don’t view them as strange, in my eyes they are merely interesting and fun people!

Sure I probably know more Gangsters than than the average person. The ones I know are ex-gangsters, some still in the Witness Protection Program, and some that have chosen to revert back to their real identities and take their chances.

In the field of music, it was long ago that I lost count of the number of musicians I know. The most memorable story was from 15 years ago. It was late, I was in bed, my wife wakes me up..”The phone is for you and I think I was just rude to Keith Emerson”. The ‘E’ of ELP took it in his stride.

When it comes to books my eyes get wide. I know way too many authors!

How I met Rick The Poet Warrior is lost in the annals of time. If tortured, I would confess that it most likely was a book.

My wife would likely view Rick as someone that fits right into my list of friends and so should be avoided at all costs. I on the other hand think that he is an eclectic eccentric wanderer.

About once a month I get an email from Rick, It comes with his latest ‘book’.

His latest email said:

Well, blame my friend A for letting me babysit his house
I hope he likes the renovation. I mean, who needs a roof
when your tenting in the living room
Happy May

The one before:

Did you know I am in Revelstoke?
Had to leave Victoria due to oppressive atmosphere
I wouldn’t put it on my bucket list unless I had to puke
On the plus side: Good resources if you’re homeless
which is getting to be the situation for many of those
there now.
La de da
Happily eating wildlife until they crowd it out of existence
April updates attached
Sterrorilization (Stereotypes collection) should be along
in a week or two

There is no doubt about it, Rick The Poet Warrior is a character. Is he Homeless? I don’t know. But I do know he loves to move around, mostly in British Columbia.

Here is one of his recent ‘books’:


If you like it, please drop Rick a note, I know he would love to hear from you, his addy is

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