It is easy for me to say that my daughter is very talented, every parent would say the same thing, it is what parents do!

However Laura is indeed talented. She opted to ignore STEM in school and focus on the Fine Arts.

I have lost count of the number of musical instruments she can play or even make!

Recently she has started to focus on a rather obscure but delightful technique, ‘Wood Cut’, take a look:

She also does people:

This is a brutal technique, make a mistake, start again! I first encountered the technique exploring the works of MC Escher.

I asked Laura to answer a few questions, not an interview, rather a quick chat:

SB: These are a type of woodcut (I think), what is the technique called, and what is the method?

LB: All of my pieces are made using woodcutting (the white part of the piece) and pyrography or woodburning(the black) .

SB:Why select this style over paint?

LB: My style and technique is very unique, I have not seen anyone else do what I do. 

SB: Is there a preferred type of wood?

LB:I normally work on mahogany. The color of the wood translates over to the grey tone of my pieces very well. 

SB: How big are these pieces?

LB: My pieces vary in size, the majority are 24″x24″ but I have done pieces as big as 36″x48″ and as small as 8″x10″.

SB: How long does it take to produce one?

LB: They are quite time consuming, my grizzly bear piece took the longest of all my pieces, 40+ hours. The pieces that are 24″x24″ generally take a bit less 20-30hours. 

SB: Do you work from a photo or from memory?

LB: I always work from pictures. 

SB: Do you accept commissions?

LB: I sure do! Commissions of all sizes are always welcome!

SB: Do you have a web page?

LB: Yes I do
instagram @xpozezstudios

As I  recall, Laura will be exhibiting some of her work at the new, and very grand Calgary Public Library later this year.

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