This is a great article from the NY Times (which is rare) about what kind of role anti-depressants played at the NIU tragedy.

In a word they probably played no role whatsoever.

Kazmierczak was on Prozac and was off of it for three days prior to the shooting. According to the article Prozac doesn’t leave your system in that time.

Now the anti-depressant Luddites will still use this as an argument because they can’t make up their minds if being on or off anti-depressants cause situations like this.

Most medical professionals quoted in the article say that when patients on anti-depressants have violent outbursts like this it usually indicates another underlying problem.

And I’m sure they’ll also ignore this quote.

Dr. Michael Stone, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia, maintains a database of 1,000 violent crimes, including mass murders, going back decades. In many cases the accused had stopped taking drugs for schizophrenia, Dr. Stone said.

“I only have a handful of cases,” he added, “where the person was on an antidepressant.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kazmierczak had undiagnosed schizophrenia.

Personally I couldn’t laud the benefits of anti-depressants enough. Being on one has literally saved my life.

(Trench Reynolds blogs about school violence at TheTrenchcoat Chronicles)

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