This is a guest article by Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks.

There is so much financial interest for the drug companies to expand the sales of the Type 2 diabetes drugs that it has polluted and corrupted the research world.

The internet is now flooded with disinformation and misinformation provided by doctors, scientists and drug companies to make you dependent on their drugs. Like all businesses their primary goal is to open up larger markets for purposes of selling more of their products.

Almost daily one media outlet or another offers information and advice from a newly published medical report or clinical study regarding sugar consumption, diabetes and the growing obesity problem facing Americans daily.  In almost every case, the report or clinical study raises the bar on the number of diabetics and obese Americans and touts a drug product or miracle diet to save Americans from themselves.

You have heard and read it all.  The sugary soft drinks, the donuts, the effects of fast food, higher blood sugar levels and the increase in the number of diabetics in the last decade from 17.7 million in 2000 to 25.8 million children and adults – 8.3% of the population.

But what you haven’t heard or read is how these clinical studies and reports are frequently “rigged” to give the test results desired by the studies sponsors.  Controlling the result of tests and clinical studies is easy if you have a big checkbook and unlimited funds to spend.

We all remember the old axiom about statistics.  They can say whatever it is that you want them to say.  For a lot of money, statistics can outright lie.  In the hands of a scientist or doctor paid millions to perform the tests that creates the statistics, the temptation is just too great.

Doctors and scientists, generally believed to be ethical and above corruption, are just like everyone else when a large corporation puts a lot of money in front of them to do a job.  Everyone agrees that absolute power corrupts.  Well, absolute power fueled by large sums of money corrupts faster that sulphuric acid dissolves newspaper.

In a market where jobs are a premium, a scientist cannot afford to loose his/her job over principals and then be blackballed throughout the industry.  Such is the lot of any scientist or researcher who tells the truth.

In 2011, this was punctuated by Dr. Don Huber, a former Monsanto scientist and professor emeritus at Purdue University, writing a letter that exposed hidden truths about Monsanto’s GMO plants.  See Dr. Huber explain his letter at:

He was immediately attacked and chastised by Monsanto who claimed he was always a problem despite paying him for twenty-five years.  If Dr. Huber had not already retired, one could just imagine what would have happened to his career for telling the truth about Monsanto GMO plants.

To understand how these tests are manipulated, we will examine the basis of the deplorable methods of research used to create the tests the industry throws at you like a Cruise missel.  This is how these tests are rigged to give food and drug companies statistics to back up their marketing claims.

The reason mice are a favored lab animal is that they share so many genes with humans – 15,187 of them, to be exact.  But that genetic comparison was made between mice found in nature and humans and not between a genetically modified mouse created in a laboratory and humans.

So let’s talk about the mice used in sugar tests and clinical studies.  Researchers use a popular, inbred genetically modified strain of mice known as C57BL/6J mice.  We call them “Black Franken-mice”.  According to the Jackson Laboratory, Black Franken-mice are the most widely used inbred strain of mice and the first to have its genome sequenced.

Along with being easy to breed, Black Franken-mice are genetically created to have a relatively low bone density, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, leptin resistance that make them ultra-susceptible to diet-induced obesity and Type 2 diabetes as well as hardening of the arteries.  These black mice start their lives with “one foot in the bucket” toward diabetes and obesity.

They are the mice of choice among researchers because they are created with a genetic predisposition to become Type 2 diabetes, which make them particularly useful for clinical studies.  All it takes to send them into a downward spiral of diabetes and obesity is some extra dietary fat.

The industry, clearly understanding the susceptibility of genetically predisposed Black Franken-mice, “rig” their clinical tests by throwing gasoline on the fires of diabetes and obesity with a diet unfit for any animal, let alone a mouse weighing between one and two ounces.

Essentially, the researchers drop a dietary “nuclear bomb” on them, consisting of carbohydrates and pure sugar to make certain that nothing can interfere with the scientists finding the “bought and paid for” result.

The “nuclear bomb” in the diets used in clinical studies and testing typically consist of the following:

100 grams (3.5 ounces) of fat
680 grams (or 24.29 ounces) of Maltodextrin derived from GMO corn (HFCS) and          contains MSG
175 grams (or 6.25 ounces) of pure sugar
358 grams (12.8 ounces) of hydrogenated GMO soy and/or coconut oil
228 grams (8.1 ounces) of Casein (a disease-promoting amino acid
Derived from factory farmed dairy cows fed GMO corn and
soy, antibiotics daily and Bovine growth Hormones)

A total of 54.9 ounces of food a day.

To put this in prospective, a typical Black Franken-mouse weighs about one and a half to two ounces, but is fed up to twenty-five times their weight every day to make certain they become obese and have at least Type 2 diabetes.

Six and a quarter ounces of pure sugar are more then three times its weight in sugar every day.  It would be equal to a 154-pound man or woman being fed about 453 pounds of sugar a day.  It is like shooting a fly with a shot gun.

And, why are they using high omega-6 soybean oil which causes cancer?  Or the cancer causing casein?  The main calorie source is hydrogenated coconut oil.  A quarter of this sugar-rich fat diet consists of refined carbohydrates?  Where is the food?  Absolutely nothing in this diet resembles real food.  The simple fat is that hydrogenated oil doesn’t belong in the diet of any human or animal.

The natural diet of Mother Nature’s own mice is mostly grains not pure sugar and hydrogenated oil, unless they eat at McDonald’s or KFC.  So how can tests on genetically modified Black Franken-mice be related to humans who may have diabetes or be concerned with getting diabetes in the future.

We think the primary reason why the industry created Black Franken-mice is because they get rapidly obese on high-fat diets while other mice remain lean on the same diet and are far more resistant to diabetes.

As Denise Minger, health, fitness writer and teacher, points out, “this deception is compounded by the fact that there is no standard for what ‘high fat’ means, and rodent researchers have thrown everything from 20%-fat diets to 60%-fat diets under the same ‘high fat’ umbrella.  All of these diets also contain a hefty dose of sugar.”

As a result, these diets cause clinical studies to provide an incomplete and distorted picture of what the tests seek to accomplish.  But isn’t that the purpose of manipulating the Franken-mice’s diet – to hide the truth with a trumped up conclusion that sells either the study-sponsor’s food or drugs?

Diabetes is the new cottage industry for food and drug companies.  The National Diabetes Fact Sheet now claims that an additional 79 million American adults are pre-diabetics.  The industry based their calculation of the number of persons with pre-diabetes by applying age-specific estimates from census estimates.  This is akin to throwing a dart at a census map.

For drug companies, 79 million pre-diabetics is like the oil industry discovering an unlimited source of oil in the U.S.  Now, the only question for the food and drug companies is how to mine more profits from these statistics.

But the tests that they rely upon to reach these conclusions and statistics are biased toward diagnosing you as a diabetic and selling you drugs.  The tests are not honest.  The manipulation of statistics is not honest.  And the material parroted by your drug-company-trained doctor should be looked at with a jaundiced eye.

So the moral of this article is don’t believe all of the manipulated reports, studies and proclamations published in so-called medical journals and provided to television news shows sponsored by these same food and drug companies that sponsored the distorted and dishonest tests.

Before anyone accepts a diagnosis of diabetes Type 2, one should consider the following suggestions:

1.    If your blood test discloses high blood sugar, don’t accept the initial diagnosis of diabetes Type 2 without additional testing and more information.  Whether or not you have diabetes should not be decided by one test.  If you have Type 1 diabetes, you will probably realize it by your symptoms with or without any testing.

2.    Make certain that you have fasted overnight before your blood test to make certain that your blood test is not eschewed by a meal eaten within a few hours before your blood test.

3.    Write down the contents of your meals the previous day for clues as to what may be contributing to any high blood sugar.  Splurging on sweet desserts the day before a blood test can cause your blood sugar to be temporarily high.  The same holds true for your cholesterol numbers.  A meal of lobster, for example, will result in high cholesterol in any test taken with about 48-hours after consumption.

4.    If after fasting, your blood sugar is too high, retest it a week later, and preferably three or four times before you make a decision regarding any diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

There are so many reasons why, including fasting too long before the test, why your blood sugar tests are inconsistent.  The cost of additional tests is far less than the cost of diabetes medicine or the problems that a false diagnosis of diabetes will cause.

5.    Look at your family history.  Your family may have a history of having a higher than normal blood sugar with no family history of diabetes.

For some, there may be a family history of diabetes among family members who watch their sugar levels carefully.  Sometimes in life, it is more important what your grandparents’ health problems were than the environment in which you live.

For example, one author has a history of cancer in his family and was diagnosed with malignant cancer.  But there is no history of heart problems in his family and has no blocked arteries despite a history of higher than normal cholesterol levels.

A careful analysis of your family history can only benefit you and your doctor in making decisions regarding diabetes.

6.  Study the history of diabetes diagnoses and learn how the numbers for determining whether a patient has Type 2 diabetes have been created and manipulated by the drug industry.

For example, every time the threshold for blood sugar determining Type 2 diabetes is lowered ten points by the industry, the number of diabetics increases by about five million people who now require drugs.  This manipulation of numbers has also caused a dramatic increase in the sales of cholesterol-blocking Statin drugs.

Without carefully controlled, “bought and paid for” medical studies and clinical tests, the number of Type 2 diabetics may be significantly lower than organized medicine would like to admit.

We don’t profess to know the answers.  But we can point out the problems and educate our readers into thinking and researching before making a decision regarding a diagnosis that dooms them to a lifetime of drugs and the terrible side effects of those medicines.

As we point out in the companion articles below, you can’t rely upon doctors, medical publications or the news for the truth:

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One friend went through this analysis, changed his diet and started taking enzymes described in our books and lowered his blood sugar within a few months so easily that his doctors had to admit he was no longer a Type 2 diabetic.  He is no longer on any prescription medicine for diabetes.

If this is a problem facing you or a member of your family, be proactive and open your mind to other solutions before giving in to life altering prescription drugs.

Mannie Barling and Ashley F. Brooks, R.N., are the authors of award winning books – Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, Crohn’s, IBD and IBS – How to Eliminate Pain and Extend your Life (Books and Authors 2010 Best Books in the Health, Diet & Reference Categories); Mannie’s Diet and Enzyme Formula – A Change of Lifestyle Diet Designed for Everyone (Blogger News Net 2010 Best Health And Nutrition Book Award winner); and It’s Not Your Fault – Weight Gain, Obesity and Food Addiction  available at, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other booksellers around the world.

The authors latest book, The Food Revolution Papers – A Primer on What’s in Your Food, is now available at, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other booksellers around the world.

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