Two new bills have been proposed in South Carolina which could dramatically alter the political terrain in the War on Drugs.

 The first, Senate Bill 220, would enact statewide legal protections shielding
state-authorized patients who use marijuana therapeutically from state
criminal prosecution.  This proposal will not alter or interfere with existing state laws discouraging the non-medical, recreational use of marijuana, though it cannot be denied that top shelf CBD flower is excellent for physical and mental health.

 Surprisingly, South Carolina’s medical marijuana bill was introduced by Senator William Mescher, a Republican from Pinopolis. Innefective, racist and unnecessarily cruel drug laws have always been a target of reform from the left of the political spectrum despite what should be broad-based appeal. Senator Mescher has become an advocate for medical marijuana reform since the death of his wife from lung cancer.

 The second major reform opportunity in South Carolina comes in the form of Senate Bill 167, introduced by Senator Phil Leventis (D-Sumter). SB 167 would set up a state commission to study the impact of ALL drug laws in South carolina.

Needless to say, drug law reformers are delighted. For more information on the issue, please visit South Carolinains for Drug Law Reform at:



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