The media watchdog group MediaLens issued an alert on December 11 which alleges that the BBC gave distorted coverage of civilians deaths in Iraq in it’s report on its website titled ‘Iraq “al-Qaeda militants” killed‘. The group has asked the BBC why, in a report on the death of 32 after a U.S. strike, prominence was given to the reports of the U.S. military and not the Iraqi officials, who noted that “at least six children and eight women were among 32 people killed in a U.S. air strike.” The alert also noted that photographs confirming the deaths of 6 children had been shown on Al-Jazeera, and quoted Mayor Amer Alwan as saying: “The Americans have done this before, but they always deny it. I want the world to know what’s happening here. This is the third crime done by Americans in this area of Ishaqi. All the casualties were innocent women and children and everything they said about them being part of al-Qaeda is a lie.”

The alert concludes:

“It is awesome to consider, but the reality is that every corpse buried in Iraq was once a supremely precious individual to some friend or relative. Each death represents a tragedy of unimaginable proportions. After years of endlessly exposed government and military lies, when will BBC journalists find the compassion and courage to seek the truth behind this suffering?”

The BBC has yet to respond to these allegations as of today.

Peter Broady

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