Well, the L.A.Times certainly followed the Democratic National Committee’s stylebook for reporting the News with this one, it is obvious. In a story about the new “sweeping ethics bill” making its way through Congress this week, they mention all the Republican corruption they can dredge up, but somehow miss every single Democrat example of the same. They also misreport a Nancy Pelosi rules change that makes it seem as if she is a corruption fighter when the truth is that she backed off from the very rule the Times cites as an example of how “ethical” the House is! This one is a perfect example of partisan, agenda driven “reporting,” for sure.

So, the L.A.Times gives us the hero Democrat Party who has quashed that “culture of corruption” and cleaned up Congress’ “sullied image.” Yaaa, Democrats and boo Republicans who are so “corrupt.” Read on for some fair-and-balancedness that’ll curl yer hair!

WASHINGTON — In what would be the most sweeping overhaul of ethics rules since the Watergate era, the House today gave final approval to a bill aimed at reining in the influence of lobbyists and repairing Congress’ sullied image.

Democrats promised to pass it after winning control of Congress following a campaign in which they denounced the Republicans’ “culture of corruption” on Capitol Hill.

The measure passed the House, 411-8.

Except, look at that number, would you? The Times forgets to mention that the GOP almost to a man supported this effort!

Yet, the Times helpfully finds it must remind us about all those evil Republicans’ corruption, of course.

The measure’s approval comes as two former Republican congressman, including California’s Randy “Duke” Cunningham, and former lobbyist Jack Abramoff reside behind bars and about a dozen other lawmakers from both parties, including two other California Republicans, have come under scrutiny.

And later they add…

In addition, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands) has come under scrutiny for his ties to lobbyists whose clients have received millions of dollars in earmarks from the Appropriations Committee, which he chaired. Rep. John Doolittle (R-Rocklin) and his wife, whose home was searched by the FBI earlier this year, are under investigation for their ties to Abramoff.


And just Monday, federal agents searched the home of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) in an investigation into public corruption in his state.

Amazingly there is not one mention of Congressman John Murtha’s many ethical troubles, nor a scant line about Democrat congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana, nor a word about Diane Feinstein’s ethics troubles. Not word one about a single Democrat ethical lapse made this story.

Amazing how “ethical” the Dems are according to the L.A.Times, eh?

Then we get what amounts to a lie by the L.A. Times:

On the other hand, the House forbade members from flying on corporate jets. Senators and presidential candidates would be permitted to fly on corporate jets but would have to pay charter rates instead of the less costly equivalent of first-class tickets.

The Times makes several lies by omission, here. First of all, the entire report is couched in a focus on the new House with a Democratic majority under Nancy Pelosi (hence their line “Democrats promised to pass it after winning control of Congress”). But, the rules change that the Times is talking about that clamped down on using corporate Jets was passed in January of ’07 when the Republicans still controlled the House.

Worse, the Times neglects to mention that since she took over Nancy Pelosi has RELAXED those rules to benefit her Democrat pals in Congress. And still worse, she made that rules change in a vote that happened in the middle of the night when no one was looking last May!

Yeah. It IS amazing how “ethical” the Times thinks the Democrat House of Representatives is. It’s a tale that ranks right up there with the “Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter,” all just as fantastic.

Thanks for the fantasy, L.A. Times.

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