How many times do we have to see the MSM reporting on a “massacre of Iraqi civilians” that turns out to be a false story planted by our enemies before we can definitively say that the MSM is purposefully aiding and abetting the terrorists? How ever many that may be, the tally is certainly on its way to overflowing and here we have another galling example of the same thing. This time Reuters is caught taking directions from the terrorists and insurgents in Iraq with the tale of “60 decomposed bodies” supposedly found in Baquba by the never identified, amorphous “Iraqi police.”

BAGHDAD, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Iraqi police said on Sunday they had found 60 decomposed bodies dumped in thick grass in Baquba, north of Baghdad.

There was no indication of how the 60 people had been killed, police said.

No indication of how they were killed? Try no indication that they were killed!

According to an Aug. 8th letter from Major Rob Parke of the U.S.Army that was sent to Bob Owens of the confederateyankee blog, the Army has not been able to find a single ounce of proof that this story is true.


This story is false. We have had coalition soldiers looking for the last two days at the locations that IPs reported these bodies. We’ve asked all the locals in the area and they have no idea what we are talking about. We’ve gone to areas that might be close, gone to suspicious locations, all turned up nothing.

Most of the news stories all say the report stated decomposing bodies which would indicate if it was true, it happened before we arrived. Considering we discovered an Al Qaeda Jail, courthouse, and torture house in western Baqubah, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were 60 bodies buried out there somewhere. Bottom line is we have done some extensive looking and found nothing.

There have been quite a few of these fake massacre stories that the MSM have pawned off as “news” when all they turned out to be was propaganda promulgated by our enemy insurgents in Iraq. There was the fake “6 burning Iraqis” story from last November, and the “20 beheaded bodies” in June, just to mention a few.

The MSM claims that this is because it is so hard to gather news in Iraq because of the danger to reporters and media folk. This is certainly a true statement, but it is no excuse for merely reporting just any old tale that is handed to them on a silver platter as they sit in the comfort and relative safety of the U.S. protected green zone.

Danger in no way absolves them from printing the truth. But, then, all these tales of woe that can be used to prove how evil the USA is would happen to be their true agenda. Truth need not apply.

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