The recent CNN coverage of The Malaysian Airline tragedy, has created a new Challenge for Avid Newswatchers, and those who view multiple media outlets. It was always a safe bet that regardless of Network bias or Newspaper political leanings, you could read between the lines with most stories, and figure out when something resembling “news” had occurred.

CNN now has changed the definition of “Breaking News” that news watchers will need, when deciding to drop what they are doing, and turn on the Television. “Breaking News” is now, anything that get your attention on screen, drawings, diagrams – graphs, (colors and flashing lights are good) makes noise, or has a good piano tune playing in the background, (called documentary news). News anchors interviewing the anchor next to them, is now “news”, Anchors are Experts, and can sit in and comment, in place of actual experts, Ideas from the Man on the street, or those thought up while the anchor was shaving this morning are now “new theories being floated” and repeating the editorial nonsense (being reported by your competition news channel) is also “Breaking News”

The good news is that for the super market tabloids, the playing field is now level. Next up, look for CNN magazine at the check out counter.. “Martians design light weight Golf club”.

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