As a writer and news junkie I watch the media coverage of the current news with interest. The 2012 elections are proving to be very revealing in the area of media bias. While this is hardly unexpected, lets face it media bias is hardly a new thing, it has been around as long as media itself. What makes Election 2012 different is the Internet and cable TV news channels. They have magnified the problem. The bias is no longer on a regional scale (the local newspaper), it is on a national scale.

Left leaning voters watch MSNBC and CNN, right leaning voters watch FOX News, and the ‘undecided watch Nickelodeon.

Recently I read a rather fun novel Kill The Media by Jeffrey Friedberg (you can read the review here). He poses the question of what might happen if the tables were turned? What would it be like if it were the Press that was in the cross-hairs rather than the politicians?

Jeffrey Friedberg’s book is entirely fictional, but based on the amount of amount of one sided attacks by the media on political contenders it certainly gives you pause for thought.

This morning I got a link to this promotional video for Kill The Media.

The book by the way is well worth reading!

Reporting of the news has reached new lows. It is no longer the news, but the spin that is put on that counts.

Simon Barrett

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