Next months Republican ‘Love Fest’  aka the Republican convention was becoming a bit of a nightmare for the organizers. It would be impossible to exclude the sitting pres and his side kick from speaking at the convention. But for the Republicans to have any sort of hope of being elected the aging McCain has to distance himself from the current administration. Batman Bush, and his Robin, Cheney have taken popularity polls to new lows. You need to use an electron microscope to measure their popularity, it lays somewhere between ‘root canals’ and outbreaks of bubonic plague. This dynamic duo have boldly gone where no sane person should, and the Republican party are very concerned.

Right now Bush and Cheney are about as popular as a dose of the clap!

In a master stroke the organizers have found a solution. George and Dick are going to speak on the first day of the convention, which, by pure chance is the Monday of a long weekend. The vast majority of voters will be enjoying the last long weekend of the summer, rather than listening to the very boring diatribe from a couple of ‘has beens’.

This seems like a win win situation for everyone, well except those poor saps that are at the convention, but they chose to be there, so they don’t get any sympathy from me!

Simon Barrett

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