You have to love the internet and people with too much time on their hands. a European online gaming site has just released their latest online game. It pits McCain against Obama in the boxing ring. For added fun Hillary Clinton is the ring-girl resplendent in a Stars and Stripes bikini!

You select the candidate and you can play against the computer, or against a real person. Even better, the controls are very easy to use, even I could manage to operate them.

Maybe a boxing match in real life between McCain and Obama would be a great way to select the next president. It certainly sounds a lot more entertaining than the 4 plus months of mudslinging that we now face before the November elections.

You can try this fabulous time wasting game at I wonder how many thousands of non productive work time hours will be consumed by this pastime? I have no doubt that systems administrators everywhere are busily changing their network setup to block access.

According to the press release that I received you can also download the game and put it on your own website. Oh the wonders of modern technology!

Simon Barrett

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