Independent watch dog groups are beginning to express concern of the troubling possibility the GOP having exhausted any legitimate attempts to pull a come from behind win are now focusing efforts on shaving as many democratic votes in battle ground states as possible through old fashioned voter suppression.
Scores of eager voters, many first time and minority participants in the process, and mostly democrats may show up at the polls November 4th and discover they have been purged from voter rolls. For black American’s being challenged at the polls may seem a legacy of Jim Crow, but the con man from Crawford made a point during his eight years of abusing the constitution to attempt with some success at institutionalizing disenfranchisement of millions of Americans, mostly those who are minority and poor.
Provided Senator Obama wakes up November 4th with at least a 4 point lead in the national polls and is not in a dead heat in all the battle ground States, the election will be over by bed time. But if camp McCain manages to close the race with in the plus side of that famous margin for error in those states they refer to as must wins in their electoral strategy, to their thinking suppressing democratic votes could make the critical difference.

Voter suppression should really be referred to as voter inconvenience, they hope a prospective voter will say the hell with it and go home. In most cases if you are 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States who registered prior to the cutoff date, you will eventually be allowed to cast your vote even if it’s a provisional ballot.

You may have to wait hours and get the feeling the republicans are doing their best to conjure up and channel the spirit of Jim Crow whilst you wait. But I speculate after eight years of deception and wickedness on an almost biblical scale, being forced to jump a few more GOP hurdles will not become the dam that holds back the tidal wave.

In anticipation you may encounter a republican who looks a lot like the late Jim Crow tapping you on the shoulder at the polls, Robert Kennedy Jr has a website set up that can provide you with information and tools.

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