Well, not really, though I did like the rumor of Fred Thompson for Attorney General. If you take a minute to think aboot it, it’s pretty damn funny. Go ahead. Take a minute.

I can’t see Fred Thompson as John McCain’s running mate, but MSNBC took a break from campaigning for Barack Obama to report the two were meeting together at McCain’s Arizona ranch. The insinuation was that it might be aboot the vice-presidency. I agree that it could be aboot that, just not in the way you think.

There are two traits most people think a McCain running mate needs to have – he needs to be young, and he needs to appeal to the conservative base. I’m beginning to doubt the “youth” aspect of it. Obviously when the candidate is seventy-one years old the age of his vice president needs to be consider, but the rub is that having a really young looking vice-president next to the older McCain just makes him look older. As for appealing to the conservative base, that’s never appeared to be a concern for McCain. That’s where Fred Thompson comes in…to head up the vice president search.

Two of the popular contenders are Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) and Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL) and neither really lights a fire under da’ base (Crist doesn’t more than Pawlenty doesn’t). However if Fred Thompson is the one in charge of running the search, whoever McCain picked would come along with Thompson’s seal of approval. He would then be the one who “shops” the candidate to the various conservative activist outlets, much like how he did with the senate when John Roberts was nominated to the Supreme Court.

Thompson could also help if McCain picks someone like Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), who the fiscal conservatives are head over heels crazy aboot…but the social conservatives don’t particularly care for. During Fred’s campaign he won the endorsement from such groups as National Right to Live, so he’s got some cred with the social cons as well. Plus, while Romney doesn’t have the perfect pro-life record, it’s not like he ever referred to a child as a punishment or anything like some other candidates (::cough::Obama::cough::).

Let’s be honest, or let’s have some straight talk if you will. If there’s one thing the Republican campaign taught us is that there isn’t anyone who appeals to anyone. Theirs is literally nobody John McCain can choose as a vice president that is going to appeal to everybody, and at least one sect will threaten to sit home in November. Fred Thompson could simply make the medicine go down easier.

Think of him as the applesauce you hide the aspirin in when you’re feeding children.

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