In a masterful attempt of political gamesmanship. Senator John McCain called a press conference to announce he was suspending his campaign. He needed to head back to the Capitol to solve the financial crises and invited Senator Barack Obama to join him in putting politics aside to tackle the looming collapse. Some republicans applauded the Senators actions as proof McCain is the candidate stepping up to provide leadership during our Nations dark hour.

But grandstand tactics flop more often then not. In selecting Sarah Palin to be his running mate his hail mary paid off in spades, but by this posting most pundits not in the pay of the campaign, are using words like drama queen and showboating. Even David Letterman, Long a gushing fan of Arizona’s senior senator went medieval on his old friend for the transparent attempt to stop his slide in the polls.

Dave discovered the Senator had been less than honest with the late night host during a personal phone call canceling a scheduled appearance. Dave spent most of his show ripping the Senator to shreds and questioning why it was Sarah Palin who in theory is his back up wasn’t taking over on his behalf if after all that’s what being vice president is all about.

While I wouldn’t call the race yet or suggest the fat lady is warming up for John McCain. Unless as they say, the wheels fall off Senator Obama’s campaign. I have to wonder what the McCain/Palin ticket can possibly do to pull it out with only a few weeks left and Obama ahead by as much as ten points in some polls. The Senators implication the fate of the Republic itself rests on his return to D.C to resolve the crises is seen by most as a crass display of political pettifogging.  

John McCain has been absent from his day Job since April and that’s understandable when you’re in the middle of a Presidential campaign, But to say on Wednesday it all rests on you when the day prior you said the complete opposite is hard to swallow. We have I think come to that point in a losing campaign when desperation is beginning to control the message.

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