by Craig Dimitri

On Sunday, Senator John McCain appeared on ABC’s “This Week” news program, stating it was vital for the U.S. to increase its troop commitment in order to stabilize Iraq in particular and the Middle East in general. He also stated that the failure of such stabilization efforts would threaten U.S. homeland security and increase American vulnerability to terrorist attacks.

According to, which posted the Associated Press article of Sunday, November 19: McCain was quoted as saying:

“We left Vietnam. It was over. We just had to heal the wounds of war,” he said. “We leave this place, chaos in the region, and they’ll follow us home. So there’s a great deal more at stake here in this conflict, in my view, a lot more.”

McCain’s call for more troops, was in sharp contrast to that of most Democrats, who ran on a de facto antiwar platform, and catapulted themselves into power on Capitol Hill on November 7. Once installed in office in January, it is expected that Democrats, who will be in simultaneous control of both chambers for the first time since losing power in 1994, will attempt to accelerate the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. The same article cited prominent Democrats such as Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, and the newly elected majority leader of the House, Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland. article –

McCain Exploratory Committee –


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