Being among those old enough to remember Saturday night live when it was the new kid on the comedy block. John McCain’s performance ranks as the single best offering by a member of the political class since the shows debut. The man nailed it; he pretty much defined the difference between laughing at and with someone.

Who knows it may have helped nudge some of the leaning his way undecided voters. Though I tend to agree with rational conservatives who speculate at this point McCain/Palin will draw the larger share of undecided anyway. I was also pleasantly surprised when Senator McCain declined to use the leaked immigration news of a Kenyan woman related to Senator Obama for mudslinging.
A half-sister of his late father is still living in the states despite having lost her petition to remain. The campaign returned a couple hundred dollars in donations she made. Foreign nationals are not permitted to donate to U.S. political campaigns.
Since very few people would find it untoward or suspicious for a family member, much less a sitting Senator to do all the law permitted to assist a distant relative navigating the immigration process. I must agree with those who speculate the Senator was unaware of her status. Perhaps if she had kept in contact he may have been able to provide some guidance and help with the naturalization process.

I doubt few people close to John McCain were told in advance of Saturday’s oh so very public endorsement of John McCain by Vice-President Richard Cheney. But those close to Sarah Palin must have been aware it was coming. Scheduled events for the Alaskan Governor were unexpectedly changed at the last minute. It allowed the media folks to provide full coverage of one of two people on earth John McCain has been unable to shake the entire race. The bigger John McCain and establishment republicans lose if a loss is inevitable the better for Sarah Palin and the rank and file in taking over.

It tends to support my previous conclusion the social conservative wing of the party sees in Sarah the hope for 2012. I am confident they will attempt to take control within days if not hours of Tuesday’s outcome, assuming the polls are accurate in prediction of an electoral landslide the likes of Regan/Carter in 1980.

Disliked as they may be by most Americans George Bush and Richard Cheney are still very popular figures amongst evangelical and social conservatives. Mitt Romney who got a few seconds of national airtime is attempting to cultivate favor amongst establishment conservatives. The endorsement by Cheney cut into his spotlight and I anticipate George W will spend his last month in office providing Sarah Palin with visibility, access and as much weight as possible as the GOP factions begin a very nasty in house fight for control of the RNC and conservative movement.


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