Listening to the 24-7 gloat-fest on NPR certainly put me in need of heartening, even though my mother, a conservative of such die-hard conviction that she has always insisted that Richard Nixon was done in by his enemies, was relatively chipper last week. She insisted that Nancy Pelosi was not such a partisan idiot as she often appears, and could be counted on in a pinch, to do— if not the correct thing, at least the correct things’ second cousin. Well, that thought cheered up Mom no end, and John Murtha being roundly rejected today as majority leader cheered me up today as well. One would have thought that after nailing the banner of “draining the swamp” to the old mast, turning around and pushing for the elevation of the biggest alligator in it would be a bit much for Democrats to swallow.

And thankfully, that’s the way they saw it, even if Nancy Pelosi thought otherwise. Which is a heartening thought; common sense blooming on ground where you hadn’t expected it to thrive. And John McCain is giving us all the stern and bracing pep-talk, (here) with this interview. Another heartening move— what one would expect of someone with his background. Whenever I think on Senator McCain, I always remember the Springsteen song song, “No Retreat, No Surrender”.

“Sgt. Mom” is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO who blogs at, and lives in San Antonio.

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