They say revenge is a meal best served cold. I think Senator John McCain. The only republican I respect, is about to sit down to a well deserved meal. And he may not have his fill till the convention.

The man who should have been the GOP nominee in 2000, is poised to win the New Hampshire primary as he did in 2000.

However this time around he wont be sand bagged by that loathsome creep from Crawford and his blush of frat boys, who in desperation for a win at any cost violated Ronald Reagen’s commandment that thou shall not slander fellow republicans. With the liar in chief cowering in the bunker of public repudiation. Senator McCain is free to concentrate on consolidating his political forces.

I was a liberal republican back then. For those still swilling the kool aid of evangelical neoconservatism. John McCain is the best republican in the race. While I may disagree with his politics. Unlike Dubya and Darth Cheney, He actually practices what he preaches.

The polls indicate Senator Obama anticipates a hugh victory. Iowa and New Hampshire are very white states and it speaks much to how far we have come as a culture, that so many folks simply see the candidate not his skin color. Should the Senator obtain a decisive win in New Hampshire its off to the third base in the presidential pregame, where the African American vote will decide the winner.

Senator Hillary Clinton who just a month ago was the presumptive nominee. May not know till super Tuesday if she is destined to become the first woman President. She faces a steep uphill battle, While she is hands down the most qualified and capable individual left in the race. Politics is also a popularity contest and the most able candidate often loses.

Should Senator McCain scores a blow out in New Hampshire and Gods candidate Mike Huckabee comes in second.

The former Governor of Massachusetts becomes a fellow simply spending his own money in hope the good lord sees fit to call one of the front runners home early. While Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliana should taker a cue from Senator Joe Biden and make plans to bow out soon if the polls prove accurate. 

But then considering how the polls convinced Senator Clinton she could start planning the inaugural months ago its perhaps best to Waite till the actual voting takes place before we declare the winner.    

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