Palin, McCain a Hit with Crowd
CNN’s Story All About “Boos”

Sarah Palin

John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared in Pennsylvania for the first time as the GOP ticket for November and both were well-received by the overflowing crowd.

Sarah Palin, however, was a hit.

The large and enthusiastic crowd packed Consol Energy Field, located south of Pittsburgh in Washington, PA, and cheer, flags and McCain-Palin “Terrible Towel” knockoffs were the order of the day.

The Alaskan governor spoke after a warm-up by McCain. McCain’s enthusiasm for his running mate was evident in his intro: the Arizona senator sounded confident throughout his glowing description of Palin as “the American story”.

“She’s not part of the American story, she is an American story.”

CNN was on the scene, and producer, Peter Hamby, led with “Palin Booed for Mentioning Hillary Clinton“.

While that was true, it was the only boos of the afternoon; Palin even got some applause a line earlier when she mentioned Geraldine Ferraro. The 5 seconds of Hillary boos were an anomaly in, what was clearly, a political lovefest.

The VP pick seemingly energized the heretofore lethargic conservative base of the Republican Party–at least according to some who were in attendance.

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by Mondoreb
Source: McCain, Palin a Hit in PA; CNN’s Story Leads with “Boos”

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