While speaking at the national VFW headquarters in Kansas City, MO today, Republican presidential candidate John McCain was looking ahead towards victory in Iraq, while labeling Clinton and Obama dishonest about Iraq. “But there is no doubt about the basic reality in Iraq: we are no longer staring into the abyss of defeat, and we can now look ahead to the genuine prospect of success. Success in Iraq is the establishment of a generally peaceful, stable, prosperous, democratic state that poses no threat to its neighbors and contributes to the defeat of terrorists. It is the advance of religious tolerance over violent radicalism,” McCain said.

“It is a level of security that allows the Iraqi authorities to govern, the average person to live a normal life, and international entities to operate. It is a situation in which the rule of law, after decades of tyranny, takes hold. It is an Iraq where Iraqi forces have the responsibility for enforcing security in their country, and where American troops can return home, with the honor of having secured their country’s interests at great personal cost, and helping another people achieve peace and self-determination,” McCain said. Apparently in McCain logic, if we aren’t losing, then we must be winning.

McCain then inferred that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have not been telling the truth about Iraq. “The American people deserve the truth from their leaders. They deserve a candid assessment of the progress we have managed to make in the last year in preventing the worst from happening in Iraq, of the very serious difficulties that remain, and of the grave consequences of a hasty, reckless, and irresponsible withdrawal. If we are honest about the opportunities and the risks, I believe they will have the patience to allow us the time necessary to obtain our objectives.”

In McCain’s view, support for the war has decreased because opponents of the war have lied to the American people about the progress in Iraq. “That honesty is my responsibility, and it is also the responsibility of Senators Obama and Clinton, as well as Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress. Doing the right thing in the heat of a political campaign is not always the easiest thing. But when 4000 Americans have given their lives so that America does not suffer the worst consequences of our failure in Iraq, it is a necessary thing. In such a grave matter, we must put the nation’s interests before our own ambitions.”

Does McCain really believe that the American people are that stupid? He genuinely seems to believe that if he sits down and explains Iraq to us then will ignore what we see with our own eyes and support him. George W. Bush has been trying to explain this invasion since before it started. Perhaps Bush needs to sit down with his new BFF and tell him that it isn’t that easy. The American people are guilty of not paying attention to what their government is doing most of the time, but we aren’t idiots. If this war has not been won after over five years of fighting, what will be accomplished by continuing down the same path? The only lies being told here are the ones John McCain is telling to himself. He may buy it, but most voters won’t.

McCain’s speech:


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