John McCain is not going to be President just like he was never going to be an Admiral.  His explosive personality and mannerisms – “you little jerk” – won’t permit his election or appointment to either of those stations.  However, John McCain was a terrific POW and is a sensational Senator.  Please excuse any possible hint of disrespect in the sentence above, I am a huge fan of the man.  In his future post-Senatorial duties, the Senator will be a terrific commentator and influence on the important issues before the nation.  Whether he does this from a station as an individual or whether he does this from a position in business or non-profit activity, he will be interesting, visible and on point if not always siding with the majority.  Because of his personality characteristics, the man is interesting and credible to the vast majority when he speaks.
If I’m wrong and the Senator’s campaign is just pausing to move political hacks out of the way and bring in some modernists, then the Senator will have pulled off a change in direction that may add one more element of proof to his dossier indicating that he is the best candidate for the job.  We can’t be changing the course of this country every figurative twenty minutes, but the current Bush Administration and Clinton before didn’t seem able to take the risk of approval from a changed message and course mid-stream.  No doubt both leaders saw some zags that should have been zigs, but many times we just seemed to be going along to avoid getting a spanking for the Pres.  Probably better to just ‘fess up and take a licking some times than instigate some little white lies to cover up.
In truth, I wish the man well and look forward to his continuing national leadership from the Senate.  I’m pleased he didn’t pay heed to his now-departed advisors who advocated his leaving the Senate as an indication to the voters of an “all-in” attitude.  All observers know this man is “all-in” from day one, so that advice probably warranted their departure.   

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