With a record that defines two decades plus in voting to deregulate and remove oversight control from the financial sector. John McCain is floundering in the wake of the greatest financial meltdown to occur since the Great depression of 1929.

The GOP ticket has been forced into a defensive posture and polls which had Arizona’s senior Senator ahead by a couple points, have reversed leaving Senator Obama with a slight lead in the race to win the white house.
Polls also indicate a vast majority of registered voters feel republican policy is to blame for the crises on Wall Street. A fact the Obama campaign is wasting no time in communicating to undecided voters. They point out the John McCain claiming to be the agent of change has spent his career as one of the most vocal advocates of the very deregulation which allowed the crises to blossom just weeks from Election Day.

Polls also indicate attempts by the McCain campaign to spread blame around evenly amongst both parties are failing to stem the downtrend. Most voters now feel Senator Obama is considered the candidate more able to bring change to Washington. The political fumbles have also forced Senator McCain into the dreaded flip flop zone. 

The uncomfortable area candidate aids refer to has re-clarification. The Senator is being obligated to “re-clarify” his positions on a daily basis as the crisis deepens. He began the week praising the fundamentals of the economy and voicing opposition to a bailout of AIG. Positions his aides were forced to retreat from. The Senator is now on board with the AIG bailout and he would now insist the fundamentals he spoke of in respect to the economy were the working class folk.

For a man who has spent a couple decades promoting the ideology of a deregulated economy, it must be difficult to switch horses in midstream and attempt to present yourself as the candidate who now opposes that which you are responsible for making into law. While even critics agree he has done a masterful job of distancing himself from the 90% plus time he supported George Bush’s policy, and is above reproach when it comes to ear mark spending.

Unfortuantly Arizona’s senior Senator is unable to wave a magic wand over a generation of legislation he helped craft and enact that is responsible for the greatest crises the nation has ever faced.
The best Senator McCain can offer in the face of direct responsibility is the observation he would fire the SEC chairman, Senator Obama suggests perhaps the American people should consider firing all the people responsible come November 4Th.

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