Names, Details Emerge from “Media Battle” Between McCain, NY Times

A Battle over the Story Also within the Times Itself

To Publish or Not to Publish? 

Names have been named in the John McCain Storying Quashing Story.

The latest report from Drudge details a heated media battle, not only between Senator John McCain and the New York Times over publishing a story about “special treatment” to a lobbyist, but also, a battle within the Times itself.

The decisions being made are said to frustrate certain Times staff.

Could one of the frustrated staff have been responsible for the leak to Drudge?

Somebody talked.

The latest on the McCain Quashing incident from the Drudge Report.

Just weeks away from a possible surprise victory in the primaries, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz has been waging a ferocious behind the scenes battle with the NEW YORK TIMES, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, and has hired DC power lawyer Bob Bennett to mount a bold defense against charges of giving special treatment to a lobbyist!

McCain has personally pleaded with NY TIMES editor Bill Keller not to publish the high-impact report involving key telecom legislation before the Senate Commerce Committee, newsroom insiders tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

The paper’s Jim Rutenberg has been leading the investigation and is described as beyond frustrated with McCain’s aggressive and angry efforts to stop any and all publication.

Who was the lobbyist in question?

What did the “special treatment” consist of?

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McCain Campaign Officials Pressure NY Times to Kill Story 


McCain Campaign Officials Pressure NY Times to Kill Story

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