I am sure that I was in the majority in thinking that the Rebublicans had a bit of an uphill battle in becoming the next guests at the worlds most exclusive B&B, The Whitehouse. I was amazed when bit by bit McCain clawed his way back into the polls. For a while it looked as if McCain was just about running neck and neck with Obama.

The odds seemed stacked against the republicans, the war on terror, and the ongoing war in Iraq have left many people frustrated. Yes, some progress has been made, but day after relentless day all we hear are statistics, more young people dead, more families grieving.

Pretty much the average US citizen is fed up with the whole deal. As former US Congressman Everett Dirksen once quipped “billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you are talking about some real money.”

Now we are faced with what is reputed to be a Wall Street meltdown, and the Republican solution is a $700 Billion bail out. By my reckoning the population of the US stands at about 300 million, this means that the feds are trying to commit over $2,300 for every man woman and child in the country! Or, if you take the accepted number of the average amount outstanding on mortgages as $200,000, this bailout could buy 3.5 million houses. Incidentally this is far more than the number of people facing foreclosure. I live with my wife and stepson, so our combined bill is almost $7000, or a whole year of payments on the house we rent!

This all adds up to McCain having a very uphill battle, embittered homeowners, embittered families without sons and daughters, and embittered taxpayers who are being forced to pay the price. Who wants to pay an additional $2,300 in taxes to reward the follies of the Wall Street fat cats?

With this backdrop it will be a miracle, or insanity, for McCain to prevail in November.

Simon Barrett


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