A web source discredited by most in the media claiming to speak for Al Qaeda, endorsed John McCain today and rather than just leave it be. Camp McCain couldn’t help themselves, they just had to attempt to spin it towards team Obama. Seems if Al Qaeda is endorsing John McCain, it’s called reverse propaganda intended to help out their pal Hussein Obama. They decided it was so relevant a happening it merited a conference call; so let’s follow the pearls of logic down into the rabbit hole.

When folks claiming to speak on behalf of Ha-mas favor an Obama win, we should take them at their word. Terrorists the world over will rejoice in a holy victory should a pal of theirs be elected, but on the other hand, if they speak well of McCain, why neighbor it’s as plain as the nose on your face, it’s just reverse psychology.
They even included the reflections of former CIA director James Woolsey on the call, you know the fellow who claimed just two days after it happened, another fellow named Hussein was responsible for 9-11, He was on the line to connect the dots for those members of the media who didn’t get it.

When it began to filter up most members of the elite liberal leftist media were ignoring the so called endorsement for what it was, a non story. Till McCain campers decided, hey kids this might make a nice smelly hunk of mud to hurl toward the other team.

I am still hopeful John McCain, decent and honorable man that he is deep down, may just wake up next Monday and if the polls are unchanged decide to spend some time washing the mud off his image so he can exit the field looking dignified and worthy of the victors respect. But it’s his call, if he truly believes in his heart of hearts the tactics of slur, demonizing and Robo calling can flip all the undecided and enough of the already committed, I would be the first to encourage him to fight as dirty as he can till the last poll closes on Election Day.


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