A campaigner working for John McCain was suspended from his duties recently because he sent out a link on Twitter, drawing attention to a controversial YouTube video featuring Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright.

The aide, Soren Dayton, violated the campaign’s rules by uploading the video link, and saying ‘good video on Obama and Wright’. Campaign spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker told Politico.com this was not done in the campaign. The video has been a hit on the internet and it shows Obama’s church pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright in full action preaching and repeatedly shouting ‘God Damn America’ to his church attendants.

The video caused a stir in the election race, but the McCain campaign has a self imposed moratorium on mud slinging and suspended Dayton hours after he posted the link to the video on his personal Twitter. “We have been very clear on the type of campaign we intend to run and this staffer acted in violation of our policy,” Hazelbaker said.

It’s not sure for how long Dayton was going to have to lay low or whether he’s coming back at all (his Tweet is still not online) but it is poignant nevertheless that he was recruited by the McCain team because he had drawn the campaign’s attention because of his frequent attacks on Mitt Romney. Politico.com , which first broke the story of his suspension, said the video “underscores both the danger presented to Obama by Wright’s words as well as the opportunities and risks presented in the new media era”.

disclosure: Angelique van Engelen writes for reporTwitters.com, an organization covering the interests of Twittering journalists.

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