I was never much of a fan of Mitt Romney. Actually, that’s not true. I liked what I had heard aboot Mitt Romney the businessman and Mitt Romney the Governor. I was curious to hear more aboot his healthcare plan that drew praise from both the R’s and the D’s. Who I didn’t like was Mitt Romney the candidate, who seemed more concerned to pander to talk radio and the aspects of conservatism I’m not particularly fond of.

That said, his name is being thrown around as a potential running mate, so in the name of party unity I’m willing to give him another look. He was the first of the former candidates to campaign with John McCain this past week, and they looked like they were having a good time on the plane. He’s young(er) and the conservative base thinks he’s just the cats pajama’s, which are the two important aspects on a veep everyone says that McCain would need to consider.

There are a few other areas that, when you think of it, make Mitt Romney an interesting candidate for Vice President:

Michigan – Michigan is always an important swing state. Rasmussen Reports has the state as a toss up in their electoral match. More importantly, Mitt Romney himself is a small town boy born and raised in South Detroit. His father was the former Governor, and they love themselves some George Romney up in the D. They can essentially have Mitt Romney move into Michigan, talking aboot the economy and exploiting the fact that the D’s care so little aboot the people of Michigan they aren’t counting their primary (plus Barack Obama even had his name taken off the ballot) every chance he gets. Actually, it would probably be smart to send Romney to exploit the democratic blunders in Michigan now, but I digress.

The Economy – I think Sen. McCain is a lot more capable with the economy than most of the pundits give him credit for, and God only knows he’s a lot better than either of the D’s. I also have my doubts on just how important an issue the economy will be this year (it’ll be important, I just don’t think it will be “important like whoa” as the media keeps telling us). However, if I’m being honest, sometimes when Sen. McCain talks aboot the economy he sounds like he’s reading a term paper written by Phil Gramm and Jack Kemp. Talking aboot economic and trade policies are second nature to Mitt Romney. If Romney can talk aboot the money stuff, that leaves McCain all the time in the world to tug at our patriotic heart strings.

Mad Money – There’s a major discrepancy between what the D’s have raised and what the R’s have raised, and John McCain has never really been known for his fundraising skills. Mitt Romney is rich, and as he proved in the primary, dropping $30 million of his own money ain’t nothing. Imagine what he would be willing to spend in the general.

So what do we think, McCain/Romney ’08? I’ll be honest, if we’re going to win this year we need the big guns. As much as I like some of the others potential veeps I’ve mentioned (Tim Pawlenty, Mark Sanford, and Charlie Crist), McCain/Romney has more of the “dream team” feel to it.

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