Since John McCain all but officially has the Republican nomination, the “Veepstakes” to see who gets chosen as his Vice Presidential running mate has begun. The McCain campaign claims they haven’t even though aboot it, but that hasn’t stopped the rest of us from having our own shortlist. Everyone’s shortlist mostly has a different combination of the same names, but after an article on The Politico, Tim Pawlenty would appear to be top of the list. Pawenty is a “two-term governor of Minnesota, conservative but with a pragmatic/populist streak, megachurch member, early and loyal McCain backer, and a hockey fanatic.”

Everything I know about Governor Pawenty I know from reading his Wikipedia entry. I’m not sure how he scores with the “real” conservatives, but he appears to cover a lot of what you would assume McCain would be looking for. He’s young (forty-nine), is from a swing state like Minnesota that could also help carry Wisconsin and Iowa, and could appeal to economic conservatives (record of passing tax cuts and balancing the budget).

But there’s also another area he could help McCain…education. There was something on his Wikipedia page that caught my attention:

“In June of 2006, Governor Pawlenty proposed a program that would send the top 25% of high school graduates to college. The program would pay for tuition for the first 2 years (4 years for selected fields such as science, technology, engineering and math) and would cost the state and estimated $112 million per 2-year cycle.”
Newt Gingrich and others have…

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