By Honey Gillard
THIS just in – Earth Hour is to go GLOBAL!!!!
Representatives say that Sydney will take the moral message of Earth hour to the world, in an upcoming metting of world-wide city leadsr, in New York. Clover Moore, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, has received a personal invitation from the mayors of London and New York – Ken Livingstone and Michael Bloomberg – to join in the C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group. Moore will attend the group’s meeting in the coming month.
The  meeting will also seat representative from Paris, Tokyo, Jakarta, Rome and Delhi. Hopefully they will get the ‘Earth Hour’ fever that we all recently caught.
“Environmental quality is an increasingly important factor in the competitiveness of global cities,” Moore stated. “Instead of waiting 20 to 50 years for old commercial buildings to be replaced, Sydney’s program delivers greenhouse gas reductions through tenancy fit-outs during lease turnovers which can occur every three years.”
Moore also commented on how other member cities could learn a lot from Sydney’s 3CBDs scheme –a scheme that the North Sydney, Parramatta and City of Sydney councils collaborate on, discussing and acting out ways to improve the green credentials of city buildings and their tenants.
A recent AMR Interactive poll discovered that 53 per cent of Sydneysiders switched off their lights for Earth Hour. It was also revealed that the Earth-hour-ers were more predominantly women than men. The highest particapation on the truly splendid event came from the innercity. An auxiliary 28 per cent of citizens had considered taking part but had in the end forgot. 77 percent of Sydney residents revealed that  if their was to be a follow-up ‘Earth Hour’ that they would take part.
Energy Australia’s retail general manager, Tim O’Grady, said he hoped households and businesses would take the next step to make homes energy efficient, such as switching appliances off when not in use and discarding old fridges.
Energy Australia calculated electricity use during Earth Hour, and surprisingly found out that in the vicinity of the CBD energy use was cut by a whole 10.2 per cent –that’s 48,760 kWh of electricity saved. This sum is equivalent to the amount needed to run more than 800,000 60-watt light bulbs for one hour.
Woah! And that’s only Sydney’s results….
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Sources: SMH

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