South Korean soldiers fired 60 warning shots in response to a North Korean advance. In the wake of these events, authorities said it wasn’t clear if the advance was a deliberate provocation, or if the North Koreans wanted to go fishing at a nearby stream.

Maybe the North Korean soldiers were hungry and wanted to get some fish in the stream. Think of how hungry you’d have to be in order to risk getting shot on the DMZ for the sake of a few fish. Are North Korean soldiers that hungry? I wouldn’t doubt it. It was merciful and humane of the South Koreans to only fire warning shots, and not gun down their poor relations from North Korea.

Here’s my long-shot prediction of how the North Korean situation will eventually be solved by the march of history. North Korea will be divided between China and South Korea. And, with the Chinese becoming more capitalist every day, those left on the “Chinese side” won’t be bad off.

As for the weird, reclusive leader of North Korea…he will never be taken alive. His people will kill him first before he ever stands trail for his many crimes against humanity.

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