It is perhaps a little known fact but it IS a fact that May 1st each year is a legal holiday (but not a “Federal holiday”) in the United States. Before becoming a legal holiday, May 1st had been known as “Americanization Day.” Americanization Day was started in the early 1920s as a response to the “May Day” holiday that was (and is still) celebrated in Communist countries to commemorate the “Haymarket Riots” of 1886. In 1958 May 1st became a legal holiday when the U.S. Congress passed Public Law 85-529 and changed the day’s name to “Loyalty Day.” The stated purpose of Loyalty Day, in the 1958 law, is to make May 1st “a special day for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.”

Over the years, the Loyalty Day holiday has not been well observed and now, apparently, May 1st has been taken hostage by forces that represent the very antithesis of the intended ‘spirit’ of the American holiday; forces that are not loyal to the United States and plainly do not respect the American heritage — these are forces that want our National borders to disappear and want the laws that protect our sovereignty as a nation to disappear with them. The people behind this movement have bastardized May 1st into a day where nationwide immigration reform rallies are held — rallies that are supposed to give credence to the absurd notion that every immigrant who crosses into our country illegally has the same rights those immigrants who arrived here legally and even the same rights as those who were born here to American citizens. Saying it doesn’t make it so, but repeating it often enough makes it seem to many like it is!

Do those who champion an open door policy for our nation’s borders do the same in their homes? I certainly doubt it. If they did they would find far too many people willing to move into their homes, eat their food, sleep in their beds and drain their personal assets — soon the place they called home would cease to exist in any recognizable form. Why then are these same people so willing to have our country invaded and allow our country to be drained of its assets so that it eventually ceases to exist in any recognizable form?

Do those who want our laws diluted not raise their own children to obey all of the rules and laws that apply to them, and punish their children for infractions? I’m sure they do! So why then do they encourage others to break our immigration laws and then want to reward those same lawbreakers by granting them amnesty?

Could there be a double standard at work? You think . . .?

Surely rounding up all illegal immigrants and shipping them back home is an impractical idea — and it not even necessary. All that is necessary, as I pointed out in my recent post: “Border Security and Fences: ‘Window Dressing,’ Not Solutions,” is to enforce existing laws. That, however, is something that is apparently not considered in the halls of congress — at least not seriously.

One last thought: The protesters at the May 1 rallies are presumed to have the “right” to protest because, people say, this is a “free country” well I hate to burst any bubbles but it is American citizens and legal residents who have rights under the United States Constitution, not illegal immigrants. The only right the illegal immigrant has is the right to find his or her way back to where they came from and the right to apply to come back again some day, legally.


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