Mauritania’s case a very big disgrace for The Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh.

By Hammadi Maasina.

Who says West Africa is not on the world’s diary bearing the stigma of evil regimes like Samuel Doe,Yahya Jammeh,Charles Taylor and Lassana Conteh? Nobody. Who says the same West Africa is not registered on this very diary’s next page bearing the medals of honour for having raised sons and daughters like President Amadou Tumani Toure of Mali-after a fair and exceptionally decent come back? Alpha Oumaru Konare(Predecessor of Toure)- who honoured his word,left the seat of power with much respect for the Malian constitution? President Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia who stayed on used words and wisdom to remove one of the world’s worst killers in the name of Charles Gbanga Taylor? No one can deny the latter of  their respective good names in world history. No one can also be able to wash the dirt on the former either for being part of the worse leaders the world has ever seen.
Mauritania compared to The Gambia has more social hurdles to be unable to make it through a democratic process. Mauritania’s list of stigmas is worse than The Gambia’s. In Mauritania we still have slave masters. In Mauritania we still have social cast systems that are far deeper than  what we have in The Gambia. Mauritania has a stronger and older army which could have refused to relinquish power after enjoying the chances of might under a former ruthless dictator Mauiya Ould Taya. Mauritania has so many thick social layers where differences were being taught from home for so many years. Nevertheless good sons and daughters have decided to choose and stay on the high side thus embrace democracy. If Mauritania can make it then how could Yahya Jammeh go and ask the same Mauritania help him be restored into the Gamban state house after cooking a so-called coup in march 2006? Mauritania never budged to do so. History has revealed the real side of Jammeh’s pouch of stinking lies again. He did everything on his own.
Today even Lauren Gbagbo has chosen to make peace with his arch rival,worse of all a former rebel leader! Why has Gbagbo chosen to do so? Because he at least has a soft heart for his country some where. If one is to get a scale and weigh the pluses of African leaders I mean from rebel leaders to elected ones,Yahya Jammeh would indeed be the worst on the platform of failures. Even Robert Mugabe is better than Yahya. For some reason Mugabe’s political history is more complex than Yahya’s. He at least was part of the parties that led an anti colonial war. Him Mugabe is evil and ruthless but he does not use religion to make a name. Yahya has surpassed every bad leader and leadership on our continent.
The facts speak for themselves. Mauritania has set an example,for sure Gambians including the army and everyone will follow this example.
Posted on Monday, March 12, 2007 (Archive on Friday, March 30, 2007)
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